Adding value to end of life components. Utilizing big business production with small business maneuverability, Axle Boy Remanufacturing refurbishes Steering, Drive Axles and Gear driven components; specializing in light truck and airport ground services equipment. The process recovers up to 85% of the energy used in original manufacturing, taking products that are destined for the landfill, and making them new again.

Drive Axle Remanufacturing

Customized remanufacturing programs for Parts Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Airlines and Fixed Base Operators.

Drive Axle Repair

Clients can remove their axles and our assembly line can perform exacting repairs or complete overhauls.

Product Updates

Working closely with OEM’s our product can incorporate product updates and technical improvements separately or during an overhaul process.

Core Recovery

Damaged Cores can many times be recovered through our core recovery process that modifies or repairs components not normally salvageable.

Axle Boy’s Industrial powertrain division is currently operating a cellular reconditioning facility refurbishing drive axles and steering axles for TUG and Tiger baggage carts. The AxleTech TA267 series non-planetary rigid axle is a 6,000 lb. non-planetary axle engineered to meet the demands of the aircraft baggage tow tractor industry. The assembly line is currently capable of 20 sets per week with a max capacity of 40 assemblies. The axles are stripped and cleaned, the current client is having each assembly standardized for simplicity. The units are completely refurbished, then Dyno tested on our proprietary differential testing bench, fully testing the geartrain, breaking system, and assembly for operation and leaks. The axles are delivered ready to install, fully filled, tested and approved for use with a two year warranty. Brierton, Rockwell and Clark steering axles are also in correct production.

Axle Boy Stocks exchange drive and steerings for many Tug MA, Clark, and Tiger Baggage Tractors.

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